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Publisher : Dr. Ali Faleh Salman
Journal Name : The Swedish Journal of Scientific Research (SJSR)
Status : Done
Country : Sweden
ISSN : 2001-9211
Subject :
DIIF Impact Value : .584
Frequency : monthly
Start Year : 2014
Valid UPTO : 06-09-2015
Description : The Swedish Journal of Scientific Research (SJSR) is an electronic journal aims to present easy access to the scientific knowledge of sport SCIENCE. The Swedish Journal of Scientific Research (SJSR) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. All published articles are accessible in PDF format free of charge Scope – The main objective of the Swedish Journal of Scientific Research (SJSR) is to reunite specialists from different fields, such as sport, physical activity, Kinesiology, education, health and nutrition, in order to provide the opportunity of multidisciplinary debates and comprehensive understanding of how physical activity influences human life. Researchers from areas related to sport and health will be invited to publish their newest gathered information and its practical applicability. The target group involves specialists from different fields, such as: academic researchers, kinesitherapists, Physical Education and sport teachers, physicians in sports medicine, psychologists, nutritionists, coaches or any other specialists related to the sport domain. The Swedish Journal of Scientific Research (SJSR) try to be a stimulus and a dissemination instrument of the research activity. The aim of SJSR is to publish articles in: natural sciences of sport; social and behavioral sciences and humanities; sport management; sports medicine; sport pedagogy and sport itself. The Journal also aims to facilitate and enhance communication across all sub-disciplines of the sport sciences. The journal awaits original papers, review articles, technical reports and short communications containing a new insight into any aspect of Sport sciences. For any further information, feel free to write us on following: Editor: